Monday, 26 March 2012

Know Your Fabrics

Buying fabrics is easy. Sometimes we may fall in love with the design (well, love is always at first sight, huh?), and sometimes we may tend to choose fabrics because of the feel when we touch it. Or maybe, we buy them because our friends or mom (always !) recommended them.

Still, those are 3 basic but strong reasons we have to consider. But don't forget to consider this factor too - cheap ! Hehehe...In Pelangi Shoppe, our price do the talking. The design, the quality is our guarantee. 

So, let's know the fabrics better.

We start with COTTON.

Cotton is soft and comfortable. It's best property is its ability to 'breathe' by absorbing and releasing its perspiration quickly. it's a high quality fabric, can withstand high heat and last for years.

Unfortunately cotton wrinkles, and 100% cotton garments must be ironed regularly to keep their appearance.

Cotton will shrink the first time it's washed although some cotton clothes come pre-shrunk it is important to check this out.

Lower quality cotton are prone to pilling.

How to take care of Cotton?
  • Cotton is relatively low maintenance and can be washed in a washing machine using warm water and soap.
  • Cotton can also be dried in a dryer on a low heat, or hung to dry on a clothesline, but be careful when putting dark-coloured cottons in the dryer as this will cause the colour to fade over time.
  • Iron to remove winkles, but take care not to iron over stains as this will end up ‘setting’ the stains (making them permanent).
How about VISCOSE?
Some said Rayon. Some assume rayon or viscose is the same thing, just different terminology, others say that viscose is a type of rayon. For our purposes, we’ll look at them together. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good ‘drape.’ It’s relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing.
Its main drawback is that it wrinkles very easily, which is why I’m always finding my viscose t-shirts crumbled and crinkly.
How to take care of Viscose?
  • Viscose requires delicate hand in cool – luke warm water with washing for proper care, with no wringing or twisting (apparently this can cause the fabric to rip).
  • If its a relatively unimportant item (t-shirts, for example) you may be able to get away with putting it in a wash back for a machine wash on a delicate setting… but tread with caution!
  • Hang wet items and let them dry that way, this will also help to remove any creasing.
  • To remove wrinkles, iron using a medium setting with steam.
Be it Cotton or Viscose, the way you wash it, iron it and take care of it shows how you take care of yourself. Right?

We love u ~

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Srikandi by Pelangi batch 1 - Cotton

4m (45")
FREE Shipping

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C008 (Reserved)







Only 1 piece available for each design.
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Srikandi by Pelangi batch 1 - Viscose

4m (45")
FREE Shipping

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V004 (Sold)




V009 (Reserved)






Only 1 piece available for each design.
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Coming Soon - Cotton & Viscose

We have more than 50 designs waiting for you. Don't forget to grab 'em once we post all the design. One design each and of course, the PRICE will INCLUDE SHIPPING cost.

Smile everyone. We love ya =)

Sunday, 11 March 2012

babe ! by Pelangi

As promised, ladies. Let's dressed up in celebrities casual style with confidence. babe ! by Pelangi will bring you latest trendy casual range from shirts to cardigans to pants (you name it!). We love casual especially to match with our hijab style. Let's roll our eyes to these collections - very limited and cheap. Remember, SHIPPING is at NO COST !!

They said it's fall trend and fall colors. We said, we are dare to play with colors...

Knitwear Top
Material : Cotton
Free Size
4 colors : Black, Shocking Pink, Mustard (our fav), Grey
Price : RM40

Do you know that Cardigan is actually named after James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, a British Army Major who lead a brigade during the Crimean War. It is modelled after the knitted wool waistcoat worn by the British officers during the war. Okay, enough bout the history.  Let's see what we have here...

Material : cotton
Free Size
2 colors - Grey & Black
Very nice cutting and side pocket
Price : RM45

Here's another way of having your top. Cool, huh?

Sleeveless Cardigan
Material : Cotton
Free Size
2 Colors - Orange & Black
RM45 your top? Try this out. It's seriously gorgeous.

Straight Pants comes with Gold Belt inspired by Gucci
Material : 70% Silk, 25% Bamboo Fiber, 5% Spandex
Free Size (fit S & M)
Hand wash only, dear
Price : RM60

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Coming soon

Wow !! Those are celebrities spotted in gorgeous cardigans and knitwears. We love them. You don't need designer's or well branded cardi as top. We have our collections.

Coming Soon - a very limited trendy cardigans and knitwears from babe! by Pelangi. are simply awesome. 

wink ~