Thursday, 27 September 2012

Shawl ReRama

Shawl ni very very limited edition. 

Juga, salah satu koleksi musim sejuk dari Guangzhou, we ols jamin u ols... memang sweet..! Bidang besar dan tak perlu iron (yeay!) untuk dipakai, shawl ni boleh di variasikan style ikut citarasa anda =)

Shawl ReRama
Bidang besar
RM 30
Kod :: HR (warna)

Warna dari tengah : Putih (SOLD), Dark Grey (SOLD), Dark Peach, Biru (SOLD), Greyish Purple (SOLD)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Shawl Violet

Girls love colors.... Aren't we...?

Shawl Violet adalah mainan warna, warna dan warna... Shawl 2-tone dari chiffon lembut ini amat mudah digayakan, tidak sarat dan cantik ! 

Sesekali biar warna pengaruhi hari anda.

Material :: Chiffon Lembut
Kod :: HV (1-15)

* Untuk Order, sila isikan Order Form dibawah.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Plain Sakura Shawl

Sakura, daripada cotton berkualiti tinggi amat selesa dan mudah dipakai. Terdapat 11 warna-warna trendy untuk anda. Design crumple disisi selendang memberi impak sweet bagi si fashionista...


Model menggayakan Printed Sakura didalam, dan Plain Sakura diluar. Hanya tarik selendang kesisi bahu untuk satu gaya simple & nice... Mix & Match warna kegemaran anda.

Terlalu merah...? Atau terlalu berani...?
Printed Sakura boleh menggantikan inner, dan cantikkan dengan Plain Sakura dari warna sepadan. Memang menjadi...

Plain Sakura
Material :: High Quality Cotton
Kod :: HS (Warna)

* untuk Order, sila isikan Order Form di bawah

Printed Sakura Shawl

Sakura adalah salah satu shawl yang latest di pasaran. A MUST have. Diperbuat daripada cotton yang berkualiti tinggi, dengan corak-corak yang irresistable, Sakura sangat-sangat 'IN'. Cari kelainan anda...

Boleh digayakan begini....

....atau lepaskan begini bersama inner neck.

Printed Sakura
Material :: High Quality Cotton
Kod :: HPS (Nombor)

10 corak berani untuk dimiliki. Nombor dari kanan - 1 hingga 10

Shawl Camilla

Camilla adalah Pashmina lembut yang tidak tebal, yang mudah digakan dan dibentuk dimuka. Materialnya yang tidak panas amat sesuai dipakai untuk aktiviti kasual.

Pelangi memperkenalkan warna-warna pilihan 2-tone untuk anda miliki...

Material :: Pashmina Lembut
Kod :: HC (warna)

Warna (luar) dari kanan (2-tone)::
- Biru Gelap (sold), Purple, Kuning, Biru Muda (sold), Pinky Peach, Pinky Purple (sold) & Shocking Pink (sold)

Warna (dalam) dari kanan (1-tone) ::
- Shocking Pink, Merah & Putih

Shawl Dahlia

4 warna terhad untuk direbut. Antara koleksi musim sejuk dari China, Dahlia mudah digayakan mengikut style kesukaan anda. Untuk kasual mahupun formal.

Model menggayakan Dahlia bersama inner tanpa awning.

Kod :: HD (warna)
Warna dari kanan : Putih, Pink, Hitam & Pink Lembut (yang digayakan model -SOLD)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Koleksi Iris - Printed Syria

Okay, yang ini Printed Syria Iris. Beza antara Iris dan Ivy adalah material dan harganya. Iris sangat sesuai untuk aktiviti ringkas seperti workout atau bersukan. Let's check it out.

Material : Lycra biasa
Saiz : S

Dari Kanan : HIR001 - HIR008

Dari Kanan : HIR009 - HIR014

Dari Kanan : HIR015 - HIR020

* Inner dijual berasingan
* Untuk tempahan, sila isi Order Form dibawah

Koleksi Ivy - Printed Syria

Cantik tak...??? 
Serious, Printed Syria ni memang cantik..! Warna & Design yang senang nak disuaipadankan dengan baju... This is a MUST have. Untuk first batch, 11 corak terhad.

Material : High Quality Lycra (I mean it)

Ivy boleh dilabuhkan menutup dada

Kod :: HI001 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI002 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI003 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI004 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI005 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI006 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI007 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI008 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI009 (SOLD)

Kod :: HI010 

Kod :: HI011 (SOLD)

* inner dijual berasingan
* untuk tempahan, sila isi Order Form dibawah

Koleksi Azalea - Syria

* selling fast...!

Lagi Tudung Syria. Mudah dan Xpress. Istimewanya Azalea, boleh digayakan dalam pelbagai style mengikut kreativiti seperti dibawah ;)

Style 1
Ringkas namun stylish. Flare atau jatuhan kain terbentuk cantik

Style 2
Juga boleh dilepaskan labuh ke paras dada dan masih terbentuk cantik

Style 3
Sukakan kelainan..? Cuba yang ini

Banyak lagi style yang boleh digayakan. Tambah sikit aksesori untuk kelihatan lebih menarik. Cuba lah.

Material : High Quality Cotton
Kod : HA (warna)

Warna dari kanan : Pink, Hitam (SOLD), Maroon, Light Purple (SOLD), Grey, Shocking Pink, Orange & Electric Blue

* inner dijual berasingan
* untuk tempahan, sila isi Order Form di bawah 

Koleksi Melati - Syria 2 Layer

*Selling Fast..!

Okay, seperti yang dijanjikan....Kami memperkenalkan Hijabiz by Pelangi yang akan menampilkan koleksi Hijab termasuk Tudung dan Selendang kegilaan Hijabers sekarang..! 

Kepada peminat Color Block, Pelangi bawakan 10 warna hangat musim ini bagi Koleksi Melati - Syria 2 Layer. 10 warna limited untuk first batch.

Material : Chiffon Lembut

Kod : HM001
Shocking Orange + Lite Orange

Kod : HM002
Purple + Black (SOLD)

Kod : HM003
Biru + Orange (SOLD)

Kod : HM004
Blue Tones (SOLD)

Kod : HM005
Very Lite Orange + Very Lite Purple 

Kod : HM006
Orange + Merah (wow..!!)

Kod : HM007
Kuning + Pink (super nice...!)

Kod : HM008
Mustard + Grey

Kod : HM009
Grey + Black 

Kod : HM010
Maroon + Orange

*Harga tidak termasuk inner. 
*Untuk order, isi Order Form di bawah, ye =)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Shawl in the house....!!!

I worn this yesterday with my white shirt and a long polka dot skirt.
 Introducing our new collections - Pelangi Hijabiz. This is hot from oven - a high quality cotton shawl comes in various color. Very easy to wear and easy to match it with any clothes, be it formal, office attire or casual wear.

Nice in its crumple design, we have a very limited first batch for you to grab....!

(I'm wearing it in Navy Blue)

Plain Cotton Shawl
Material : High Quality Cotton
Price : RM30

(colors are not exactly the same in the picture)

More colors : Lime green, Pink, Navy Blue, Orange, Light Orange, Mustard, Red, Turquoise,
Grey, Black and Shocking Pink

Next will be - Printed Crumpled Shawl =)

p/s : more quality pictures will come soon.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Know Your Fabrics

Buying fabrics is easy. Sometimes we may fall in love with the design (well, love is always at first sight, huh?), and sometimes we may tend to choose fabrics because of the feel when we touch it. Or maybe, we buy them because our friends or mom (always !) recommended them.

Still, those are 3 basic but strong reasons we have to consider. But don't forget to consider this factor too - cheap ! Hehehe...In Pelangi Shoppe, our price do the talking. The design, the quality is our guarantee. 

So, let's know the fabrics better.

We start with COTTON.

Cotton is soft and comfortable. It's best property is its ability to 'breathe' by absorbing and releasing its perspiration quickly. it's a high quality fabric, can withstand high heat and last for years.

Unfortunately cotton wrinkles, and 100% cotton garments must be ironed regularly to keep their appearance.

Cotton will shrink the first time it's washed although some cotton clothes come pre-shrunk it is important to check this out.

Lower quality cotton are prone to pilling.

How to take care of Cotton?
  • Cotton is relatively low maintenance and can be washed in a washing machine using warm water and soap.
  • Cotton can also be dried in a dryer on a low heat, or hung to dry on a clothesline, but be careful when putting dark-coloured cottons in the dryer as this will cause the colour to fade over time.
  • Iron to remove winkles, but take care not to iron over stains as this will end up ‘setting’ the stains (making them permanent).
How about VISCOSE?
Some said Rayon. Some assume rayon or viscose is the same thing, just different terminology, others say that viscose is a type of rayon. For our purposes, we’ll look at them together. Viscose has a silky appearance and feel, it breathes like cotton and has a good ‘drape.’ It’s relatively light, resulting in lightweight clothing.
Its main drawback is that it wrinkles very easily, which is why I’m always finding my viscose t-shirts crumbled and crinkly.
How to take care of Viscose?
  • Viscose requires delicate hand in cool – luke warm water with washing for proper care, with no wringing or twisting (apparently this can cause the fabric to rip).
  • If its a relatively unimportant item (t-shirts, for example) you may be able to get away with putting it in a wash back for a machine wash on a delicate setting… but tread with caution!
  • Hang wet items and let them dry that way, this will also help to remove any creasing.
  • To remove wrinkles, iron using a medium setting with steam.
Be it Cotton or Viscose, the way you wash it, iron it and take care of it shows how you take care of yourself. Right?

We love u ~

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Srikandi by Pelangi batch 1 - Cotton

4m (45")
FREE Shipping

(Click on the picture for larger viewing)








C008 (Reserved)







Only 1 piece available for each design.
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